absolute summability

абсолютная суммируемость

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Absolute convergence — In mathematics, a series (or sometimes also an integral) of numbers is said to converge absolutely if the sum (or integral) of the absolute value of the summand or integrand is finite. More precisely, a real or complex series is said to converge… …   Wikipedia

  • Series (mathematics) — A series is the sum of the terms of a sequence. Finite sequences and series have defined first and last terms, whereas infinite sequences and series continue indefinitely.[1] In mathematics, given an infinite sequence of numbers { an } …   Wikipedia

  • Convergence of Fourier series — In mathematics, the question of whether the Fourier series of a periodic function converges to the given function is researched by a field known as classical harmonic analysis, a branch of pure mathematics. Convergence is not necessarily a given… …   Wikipedia

  • 1 − 2 + 3 − 4 + · · · — In mathematics, 1 − 2 + 3 − 4 + … is the infinite series whose terms are the successive positive integers, given alternating signs. Using sigma summation notation the sum of the first m terms of the series can be expressed as:sum {n=1}^m n( 1)^{n …   Wikipedia

  • Silverman–Toeplitz theorem — In mathematics, the Silverman–Toeplitz theorem, first proved by Otto Toeplitz, is a result in summability theory characterizing matrix summability methods that are regular. A regular matrix summability method is a matrix transformation of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Florence Marie Mears — (May 18, 1896, Baltimore, Maryland December 2, 1995) was a professor of mathematics at George Washington University.Background and EducationDr. Mears attended Baltimore public schools. She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics at… …   Wikipedia

  • Mertens' theorems — For Mertens theorem on convergence of Cauchy products of series, see Cauchy product#Convergence and Mertens.27 theorem. In number theory, Mertens theorems are three 1874 results related to the density of prime numbers proved by Franz Mertens… …   Wikipedia

  • Improper integral — In calculus, an improper integral is the limit of a definite integral as an endpoint of the interval of integration approaches either a specified real number or ∞ or −∞ or, in some cases, as both endpoints approach limits.Specifically, an… …   Wikipedia

  • Voting system — For other uses, see Voting system (disambiguation). Part of the Politics series Electoral methods …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional convergence — In mathematics, a series or integral is said to be conditionally convergent if it converges, but it does not converge absolutely. Definition More precisely, a series is said to converge conditionally if exists and is a finite number (not ∞ or −∞) …   Wikipedia

  • Zeta function regularization — In mathematics and theoretical physics, zeta function regularization is a type of regularization or summability method that assigns finite values to superficially divergent sums. The technique is now commonly applied to problems in physics, but… …   Wikipedia


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